Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tutorial no.2 - Ribbon necklace

For this beaded necklace you will need:
Organza ribbon 7 x Silk covered beads
1 x necklace clasp 2 x split rings
2 x 7mm clamp ends (for ribbon)
1 x necklace tag

1. Cut two lengths of ribbon, one shorter than the other. I have used a 23 inch and 18 inch piece. Seal all the ends of the ribbon using the desired technique. Start with the longest length of ribbon and feed a bead into the middle of the length of ribbon. Carefully tie a knot either side of the bead making sure you do not pull the knot too tight.

2. Repeat this process for the other 4 beads but position them at equal distances from the centre bead.

3. Follow these steps again the shorter length of ribbon using the last 3 beads.

4. Gather the split rings, clamp ends and necklace tag together.

6. Position the shorter length ribbon on top of the longer length ribbon and feed into the clamp ends. Secure the clamps using pliers.

7. Attach split rings to both clamp ends and then the necklace clasp and tag to either end. And there you have it, a simple but impressive ribbon necklace.


  1. Hi there, thought I'd be your first follower :o) Welcome to the world of blogs - say goodbye to all your freetime now !! Hope it all goes well. Michelle

  2. very very cute! Thanks for the idea!

  3. This is so cool...thanks for daughter will love this. She's very distracted with beads!
    Kristina J.